• 10.11.2011
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Dreams And Beds

Jan Von Holleben Dreams

“Running from a cat”

The world of dreams is amazing. We approach a fantasy land during our dreams. Photographer Jan von Holleben knows that. And the German newspaper ZEIT knows Jan von Holleben. ZEIT asked the photographer to create visual work for a feature on dreams and what they mean to us.  Jan von Holleben is known for his Dreams of Flying so this was his case. Continue reading … Dreams And Beds

The Art Of Alexis Raimbault

Astronaut By Alexis RaimbaultAlexis Raimbault – a very talented photographer from Paris, France presents some of his work. He has a delicate style for his photos. That’s why such giants as Playstation, Bayer, Nokia, Casio and others have employed him. In 2009 the prestige Young Creative Chevrolet awarded him the 1st prize. You can follow him also on Twitter.

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  • 13.10.2011
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Good Morning. Good Afternoon. Good Night

Daily routine kills us. We wake up, eat, go to work, work, sport and then going to sleep. What do we see around us? What are our memories in the end of the day? Usually we don’t remember our daily things, only the most brightest moments. In this video an office worker is going to his job and does that through elevators. How it’s possible? The authors of the idea created a surreal old fashion environment of a clerk. Everything happens in four walls. It begins in the morning an continues even at night. Next day the character see’s a button. But doesn’t push that button. So he never knows what will happen. But he can – 17 Festival International de Arte Contemporanea . The button is actually for escaping the routine and a chance to go to the modern art festival.

Art Of Salt

Remember an uncomfortable situation at the dinner when you accidentally pour out some salt on the table? That is very common. Perhaps one day it also happened to Bashir Sultani who saw it as an opportunity to become an artist and to start create images out of salt.

A very delicate and patient salt art technique. Another proof that real talent has no borders, no limits. That can create something from anything, if you really like to do that.

Art Of Dust

After a rainy summer day or a dusty road trip you find your car dirty, it looks like a pile of mud. For you it is a reason to use a car wash, but for Scott Wade it is an opportunity to create a work of art.

Dust Art Of Scott Wade

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  • 06.02.2011
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Squeeze Me

Stopmotion video for Dutch artists Kraak & Smaak (which means “Crunch and Taste”) overlays the background with a simple, but clever gimmick – a flipbook for animating the foreground elements. Nice way how to catch a moment and make them flow like river.

  • 29.12.2010
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Water Sculpture

Art work by Shinichi Maruyama and Tetsushi Wakasugi. A slow motion movie about the shapes of water. Its unbelievable how much our eyes can’t see. Only thanks to modern technology we see the beauty of a moment.

Incredible Pop-Out Painter

Alexa Meade creates art pieces by painting models into a background and then snapping pictures. The 3-D art piece transforms in to a two-dimensional photograph that makes visitors look twice.

via Alltop

  • 19.08.2010
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Castles Beneath Cities

Berlin-based artist Brad Downey unearths the beach beneath the streets of German cities.

Brad Downey: Castles Beneath Cities

Miniature Pencil Art By Dalton Ghetti

Dalton Ghetti is an artist who makes miniature sculptures using the graphite tip of pencils. Dalton uses three basic tools to make his incredible creations – a razor blade, sewing needle and sculpting knife. He even refuses to use a magnifying glass and has never sold any of his work, only given it away to friends. He said: “I use the sewing needle to make holes or dig into the graphite. I scratch and create lines and turn the graphite around slowly in my hand”.

Miniature Pencil Art by Dalton Ghetti

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