• 21.05.2012
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Troll High-Five Near Pisa Tower

An easy way to have fun with tourists has been found by a group of pranksters. They made a funny video of themselves making fun of unsuspecting tourists “holding up” the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

Tourists that came to see The Leaning Tower of Pisa have traveled for miles, spent money and, most probably, cannot and will not return home without a picture. Every tourist at the amazing landmark wants to take that picture and a couple of naughty pranksters make the most of it by trolling and high-fiving unsuspecting “victims”.

Air Santa – Just Do It

Just Do It, Santa

Nike is famous for their slogan - Just Do It.  So is the Xmas is famous for Santa Claus. Combine these two things and you will get a nice and funny Xmas advertisement idea. Imagine Santa using this slogan for amazing  job he is doing. Santa Claus – the hero with basketball talents. Maybe Nike can create a whole new brand for Xmas – Nike Santa Claus.

  • 28.10.2011
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Everyone Has Turtle Noses

Britney Spears Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

“Britney Spears turtle nose”

As kids we remember a classic action cartoon for fun – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s still loved by a lot of children all around the world. One Tumblr profile came up with an idea of mixing pictures with cartoon heroes. Well, it’s not as mix as a joke or something like that so try to laugh. The creators placed turtle heads where it is and isn’t necessary and as a result we got this. Continue reading to find more examples and good mood. Continue reading … Everyone Has Turtle Noses

  • 12.10.2011
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Webcam House

Webcam House Ryuji Nakamura

Consumers can buy houses for dogs, Barbie dolls, parrots and now even for their webcams. The paper house is for your personal computer webcam. The small abode is set-up over a webcam built into a computer’s monitor. It’s designed in Japan by architect Ryuji Nakamura. It also has an interior design: small windows, table and chairs to make it more comfy inside. So each webcam picture becomes a piece of art. Here you see yourself becoming small and big at the same time. Continue reading … Webcam House

  • 05.08.2011
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Bicycle For Crazy And More

If you consider yourself a bicycle fan look at these guys. They say about their selves very simple: We do bicycles. An inventive band of Bay Area performance artists who make bicycle creations out of materials from the junkyard. They also have a website.

Continue reading … Bicycle For Crazy And More
  • 13.05.2011
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There Is No Escape

Santec is one of the leading companies for video security systems. Once a thief is in the focus of a Santec video camera there’s barely a chance not to be identified by the police and end up in jail. In other words: There is no escape.

  • 06.05.2011
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Stylus For Touchscreen Devices

If Pinokio would live in present days he would probably be glamoured because of the idea of Dominic Wilcox with his finger nose technology. This idea is simple – you can use an extra hand or you can say – an extra finger for using a touchscreen.

Continue reading … Stylus For Touchscreen Devices

  • 30.04.2011
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Real Birds Tweet On Twitter

What does the word “tweet” means? There are many meanings except the one that a tweet is a post on Twitter. The other one is that tweet is a type of a bird vocalization. So do birds acutally tweet on twitter?

Voldemars Dudums tried to found out that creating the first live Twitter stream made by real birds. The project took place in a small village Sarnate near the coast in the west of Latvia . He said that it could seem “that it is quite silly, but if you look to what other people are sometimes writing on Twitter, then I think tomtit’s messages are still ok”.

And it’s true that sometimes the content on Twitter is not content at all. Hungry Birds project now made 2 215 tweets, has 4 935 followers and listed in 128 lists. A success. The project will continue this year on november.

Hungry Birds on Twitter: @hungry_birds
Hungry Birds project: http://birdsontwitter.com

Plastic Flashmob

Garbage is a reality for every city in the world. Recycling too. Not all people are green and don’t recycle things. This flashmob experiments with humans sense of environmental responsibility. No better place than city mall for such a experiment for a flashmob organized by the “Testé sur des humains” team. Watch this video and be amazed.

Continue reading … Plastic Flashmob

  • 11.03.2011
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Renault Megane And Scenic With Bose Sound System

Everybody has listened to music during a car drive. It is great to hear a beautiful melody when you are in a car jam, have a long trip or you are passing a very noisy crossroad, or just having a ride home. The noise sometimes is horrible and you can’t enjoy the music at all. Renault Megane and Scenic with Bose Sound systems presented their new product in an interesting and creative TV ad. Continue reading … Renault Megane And Scenic With Bose Sound System

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