• 17.02.2014
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Girl Learns to Dance in a Year

Taiwanese Ring Man

This is a new viral video from Taipei, Taiwan. All perfectly timed, coordinated and balanced fantastic moves seen in Asian martial arts movies are somewhat present in a fusion in this amazing street performance. The performer’s skills, body balance and exceptional muscles must have taken a lot of training and discipline. Worth the time to appreciate the Ring Man’s marvellous skills.

  • 14.02.2013
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Harlem Shake Blows Up The Internet

The web literally self-combusted from the new dancing madness, called Harlem Shake. People rapidly make videos, where they spontaneously and chaotically move to the hip-hop beat. The dance starts with one person dancing “Harlem Shake” with everyone else in the shot catching up. Continue reading … Harlem Shake Blows Up The Internet

  • 04.02.2013
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Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

A young girl, named Angela Trimbur, with a crazy, but brave idea puts it to use right in an airport in Los Angeles, California. She carried out the same performance a bit over a year ago in a Laundromat and mall. Although it seems an ordinary dance at first glance, it can make the viewer want to break out and dance to the music. A brave, positive and “sunny” performance will not leave anyone indifferent.

  • 07.01.2013
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Tron Dance

An innovative and original performance by the Japanese dance team „Wrecking Crew Orchestra” is going viral on the Internet. The troupe members are wearing dark specially-designed exoskeleton-like suits, parts of which emanate light.

The Tron-inspired dance, which they perform, with the suit-emitted light hitting the beat, brings a quite remarkable and mesmerizing show.

The new type of dance technology is ensured by the exoskeleton-like suits that emit light, which is remotely controlled.

Creative Marriage Proposal

This original musical marriage proposal gained 3.3 million views on YouTube in three days.

A young man asked his girlfriend to dine together with his parents. Upon her arrival he presented her with a stunning surprise. The brother of the future groom has asked the girl to sit in the open trunk of Honda CRV and take headphones on. The lip-dub marriage proposal begins with Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry You’. Continue reading … Creative Marriage Proposal

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