• 02.12.2011
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  • Bickov

Google Imaginary Trip

What is your dream? A big house, a big family or something more different? For many traveling is the thing. Just imagine riding in a car along ocean on a sunny day with your friends, singing and joking. Still for many this dream is far beyond their possibilities. Also for a very sad office toy. But the world belongs to the reckless ones. So the sad toy decides to use Google Street View and a toy car to travel, but where to go? Somewhere sunny and beautiful – the Pacific coast.

Google Street View stop motion animation made by director Tom Jenkins from “The Theory” shows us that anything is possible, also if there is at least one way we can do it. All screen imagery was animated and there are no screen replacements. Music is performed by the Cinematic Orchestra and the track is Arrival of the Birds. A great project by Tom Jenkins. Remember: you can follow “The Theory” on Facebook.