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An interesting idea of sharing ideas. That’s what comes first to mind when you visit Mainual. We can find many blogs telling us about design ideas and even examples of these ideas. With Mainual it is different. Here people share the ideas they didn’t accomplished yet.

It’s like a public notebook for ideas of the designers community where everyone is a contributor. If you ask why, then the answer is simple – so the ideas you hide in your notes somewhere in your work desk would actually live and develop, give inspiration for other ideas.

Each idea generator at least once felt a feeling that there are so many ideas that it is sure that most of them would never become real. So they keep accumulating and in the end you have a whole bunch of untapped ideas.

Somehow it is a place for unselfish sharing of your ideas. At first sight it is difficult to believe that. Still it is true that people have worries about ideas being “hooked”. Nevertheless these fears are not well-founded because each post has required information that identifies the author of the idea. So it is actually not a concern but an opportunity for the author that an idea will be possibly shown to the digital community.