• 11.03.2011
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Renault Megane And Scenic With Bose Sound System

Everybody has listened to music during a car drive. It is great to hear a beautiful melody when you are in a car jam, have a long trip or you are passing a very noisy crossroad, or just having a ride home. The noise sometimes is horrible and you can’t enjoy the music at all. Renault Megane and Scenic with Bose Sound systems presented their new product in an interesting and creative TV ad.

The ad is divided into two parts. The first part is about two realities that are mixed up in surreal way. The first one is a night club and the second one is a construction site.  No need to have a college degree to understand that these two are incompatible. A very funny mashup idea that proves construction workers and musicians can’t work together.

Next you see a driver listening to the same song (Melody Gardot/Your heart is as black as night) and passing a construction site and what do you know – with Tailor-made Bose Energy Efficient series sound systems the problem of poor sound is solved. You feel as in your own Reanult Megane reality.