• 16.07.2012
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  • Bickov

Best Tweeshes!

BBDO Belgium. Best Tweeshes

A bright and original New Year’s creativity brought to you by VVL BBDO. Millions of Tweets are sent around the holidays, especially on New Year’s Eve. Bearing this in mind, a Belgian agency VVL BBDO decided to bring the wishes together and turn them into music. Wanting to start 2012 on a high note, the agency created a campaign to unite people all over the world. If you allegedly combine “tweets” and “wishes”, “Best Wishes!” New Year greeting becomes “Best Tweeshes!”. #Tweeshes! for short and simple. Continue reading … Best Tweeshes!

  • 30.04.2011
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  • Bickov

Real Birds Tweet On Twitter

What does the word “tweet” means? There are many meanings except the one that a tweet is a post on Twitter. The other one is that tweet is a type of a bird vocalization. So do birds acutally tweet on twitter?

Voldemars Dudums tried to found out that creating the first live Twitter stream made by real birds. The project took place in a small village Sarnate near the coast in the west of Latvia . He said that it could seem “that it is quite silly, but if you look to what other people are sometimes writing on Twitter, then I think tomtit’s messages are still ok”.

And it’s true that sometimes the content on Twitter is not content at all. Hungry Birds project now made 2 215 tweets, has 4 935 followers and listed in 128 lists. A success. The project will continue this year on november.

Hungry Birds on Twitter: @hungry_birds
Hungry Birds project: http://birdsontwitter.com

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