• 09.01.2012
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Paper Art by Simon Schubert

Simon Schubert Folded Paper Art Many StairsSimon Schubert is a paper artist from Germany, he creates magnificent works of art from blank paper sheets using a unique paper folding technique. By “playing” with paper Simon Schubert creates unimaginable shapes and lines, forms that makes us dive into the world of paper dimensions. His talents are recognized worldwide and are popular amongst advertisers. He also does installations and sculptures in his work collection.

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Amazing Almost Microscopic Origami

In the childhood we used to create paper figures using origami technique. It was very hard and time-consuming. Usually it was a disaster. You tried for so many times and the result wasn’t as expected. Now today we present a new level of origami art. Imagine the small origami figures not bigger that your cell phone, but now imagine a small coin or even smaller. Only few millimeters. Don’t think it’s possible? For example this rabbit only 18 millimeters.Origami Bunny

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