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9 Photo Composition Tips

  • 25.06.2012
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A Photo Bank Advertisement Showed 853 Photos Per Minute

A Brazilian photo bank “Getty Images” commercial, consists of 853 photos.

Different images from various photo shoots made up a original wordless life story of a man. In the beginning, he meets a girl; they make love and give birth to a child. They age and, unfortunately, he becomes widowed. The man moves on a journey and at the end of his life, suddenly wins in a lottery and becomes rich. The entire story is told in a minute. Meaning the pictures are shown very fast-paced. Continue reading … A Photo Bank Advertisement Showed 853 Photos Per Minute

  • 22.11.2011
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Time & Changes

Take a photo. How difficult is that? Now imagine doing that for almost 4.5 years – from 26th september year 2006 till 12th may year 2011.  One of many amazing internet projects presents us a daily photo compilation of  a young woman. We clearly see how time passes away but she doesn’t changed a lot. Maybe because of the cosmetics? It’s for you to decide. Hm … maybe they have such videos for some 40 years?

The Art Of Alexis Raimbault

Astronaut By Alexis RaimbaultAlexis Raimbault – a very talented photographer from Paris, France presents some of his work. He has a delicate style for his photos. That’s why such giants as Playstation, Bayer, Nokia, Casio and others have employed him. In 2009 the prestige Young Creative Chevrolet awarded him the 1st prize. You can follow him also on Twitter.

Continue reading … The Art Of Alexis Raimbault

Incredible Pop-Out Painter

Alexa Meade creates art pieces by painting models into a background and then snapping pictures. The 3-D art piece transforms in to a two-dimensional photograph that makes visitors look twice.

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  • 27.07.2010
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Sony Nex 5: A Little Professional

Mike Deere

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