• 28.03.2012
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Coffee Cup Art

In this video, an artist painter from Shanghai named Hong Yi drew a portrait of her idol singer with a bottom-stained coffee cup. While listening to the song of a popular Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, a 26-year-old Hong Yi was drinking her morning coffee. The song’s lyrics began with a mentioning of a coffee cup. Hong Yi has accidentally put the cup on the white tablecloth, instead of the saucer, leaving a brown stain on the white cloth. The artist was inspired by the idea of ​​drawing a portrait of the singer with a bottom staine

  • 16.01.2012
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Fast Art

Most talents never become world famous. Many artists have died in poverty and alone. To be an artist is to be always on the edge. Some artists work in workshops, some work in other fancy places, most of them work in the streets. A spectacular street artist painter shows us his fast painting skills. He uses only fingers, paint and two pieces of glass. In less than 3 minutes a beautiful painting comes to life. Why artists work in the streets? Maybe you can earn more money, maybe the feeling of freedom or just a way of life. Anyway it is something you want to buy as a souvenir. Unfortunately we don’t know who this man is. We hope he will create many other great paintings.

Making Future Magic: iPad Light Painting

Think of  a bread roll and then slice it or a piece of a cake. Next step is to imagine that those pieces are photos. This concept was being used by Dentsu London and BERG to create an experimental idea “Making Future Magic” using iPad advantages.

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Incredible Pop-Out Painter

Alexa Meade creates art pieces by painting models into a background and then snapping pictures. The 3-D art piece transforms in to a two-dimensional photograph that makes visitors look twice.

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