• 17.12.2012
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Riding an Origami Bike

An inventor from Israel – Izhar Gafni recently has presented a functioning bicycle, which is wholly made out of recycled cardboard with production costs equal to merely 9 USD. Continue reading … Riding an Origami Bike

Amazing Almost Microscopic Origami

In the childhood we used to create paper figures using origami technique. It was very hard and time-consuming. Usually it was a disaster. You tried for so many times and the result wasn’t as expected. Now today we present a new level of origami art. Imagine the small origami figures not bigger that your cell phone, but now imagine a small coin or even smaller. Only few millimeters. Don’t think it’s possible? For example this rabbit only 18 millimeters.Origami Bunny

Continue reading … Amazing Almost Microscopic Origami

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