• 11.10.2012
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Joey Ramone – “New York City”

This is a brand new, original video for the late Joey Ramone’s “New York City” piece. As mentioned by many, Joey Ramone is, probably, the busiest rock star in the afterlife. Continue reading … Joey Ramone – “New York City”

Flying People in New York City

An original video, made by an advertisement agency Thinkmodo, of three human shaped RC planes flown around New York City and New Jersey to create an illusion of people flying. This interesting viral marketing campaign was designed to promote the Twentieth Century Fox upcoming movie – Chronicle. You can see how parts of the RC aircraft actually move the legs and emulate a human moving in the air. An out of the ordinary idea, worth your attention.

  • 03.08.2011
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iPad Head Girl

You don’t see a lot of four squared heads walking around. Especially when the head is digital. How can we call these people? Homo Sapiens? Homo Apple or maybe iFemales? This one is a real Apple cyborg. iPad Head Girl walks around Bryant Park in New York City. The good thing about all that is that you can communicate from different angles with her, well see at least.

Continue reading … iPad Head Girl

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