Amazing Almost Microscopic Origami

In the childhood we used to create paper figures using origami technique. It was very hard and time-consuming. Usually it was a disaster. You tried for so many times and the result wasn’t as expected. Now today we present a new level of origami art. Imagine the small origami figures not bigger that your cell phone, but now imagine a small coin or even smaller. Only few millimeters. Don’t think it’s possible? For example this rabbit only 18 millimeters.Origami Bunny

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Miniature Pencil Art By Dalton Ghetti

Dalton Ghetti is an artist who makes miniature sculptures using the graphite tip of pencils. Dalton uses three basic tools to make his incredible creations – a razor blade, sewing needle and sculpting knife. He even refuses to use a magnifying glass and has never sold any of his work, only given it away to friends. He said: “I use the sewing needle to make holes or dig into the graphite. I scratch and create lines and turn the graphite around slowly in my hand”.

Miniature Pencil Art by Dalton Ghetti

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