• 01.10.2011
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Pencil Around Your Neck

Scarf Lamb Wool Children

Children are the most demanding customers when it comes to the extraordinarily of the product. If you want to attract the children try to create something full of colors, something very creative and fun. You can’t ignore the creative part. One of the sellers from Etsy understood that  and created an original scarf for children – pencil scarf using 100% lambswool. It is 120cm long and 8cm wide so it’s basically for small children (first grade or less). Continue reading … Pencil Around Your Neck

Gift Paper Idea

Gift Paper Idea

The concept of this wrapping paper is that instead of an image it has text on it – different phrases like:

  • Merry Christmas
  • Happy Birthday
  • Happy Valentines Day
  • Happy Easter
  • Happy Thanksgiving
  • I love you
  • I miss you
  • Happy Nameday
  • Congratulations
  • Happy Retirement
  • Recover soon
  • Greetings
  • With love
  • You are the best
  • For Dad
  • For Mom
  • Enjoy
  • All the best
  • It is not a tie
  • It is not a perfume Continue reading … Gift Paper Idea

How Was Your Day?

The Life Calendar from Brigada Creativa.

Emoticalendar by Brigada Creativa

Emoticalendar by Brigada Creativa

  • 17.08.2010
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Umbrella Samurai

This idea maded by Materious is reflected here as the gentleman’s umbrella meets the warrior’s sword.  When today’s refined man grasps the umbrella’s handle on the commute to the office, he may safely indulge in bellicose fantasies, briefly becoming the steely samurai.

Samurai Umbrella

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