• 04.03.2014
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Cat Tries To Apologize

Beard Movie

  • 03.09.2012
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Old Spice Muscle Music

A new exceptionally original commercial from Old Spice came out recently taking none less than 3.3 millions views in a week. This is the first time Old Spice has worked with Vimeo on a marketing campaign. Continue reading … Old Spice Muscle Music

  • 21.05.2012
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Troll High-Five Near Pisa Tower

An easy way to have fun with tourists has been found by a group of pranksters. They made a funny video of themselves making fun of unsuspecting tourists “holding up” the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

Tourists that came to see The Leaning Tower of Pisa have traveled for miles, spent money and, most probably, cannot and will not return home without a picture. Every tourist at the amazing landmark wants to take that picture and a couple of naughty pranksters make the most of it by trolling and high-fiving unsuspecting “victims”.

Air Santa – Just Do It

Just Do It, Santa

Nike is famous for their slogan - Just Do It.  So is the Xmas is famous for Santa Claus. Combine these two things and you will get a nice and funny Xmas advertisement idea. Imagine Santa using this slogan for amazing  job he is doing. Santa Claus – the hero with basketball talents. Maybe Nike can create a whole new brand for Xmas – Nike Santa Claus.

  • 12.12.2011
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History In 2 Minutes

210 seconds to tell you the history of basically everything. That is quite a task. For such creative people as Carla Veldman, Andrew Wilson, Andrea Nesbitt and friends everything is possible. Scissors, ideas, glue and a lot of paper with camera assistance creates miracles as these. We see the greatest events of history of which we know already from school history lessons. It begins with the Big Bang. Earth and prehistorical animals, people fighting for food, aliens, pyramids, of course the atomic bomb and the first man on the Moon. Enjoy the video.

  • 28.10.2011
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Everyone Has Turtle Noses

Britney Spears Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

“Britney Spears turtle nose”

As kids we remember a classic action cartoon for fun – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s still loved by a lot of children all around the world. One Tumblr profile came up with an idea of mixing pictures with cartoon heroes. Well, it’s not as mix as a joke or something like that so try to laugh. The creators placed turtle heads where it is and isn’t necessary and as a result we got this. Continue reading to find more examples and good mood. Continue reading … Everyone Has Turtle Noses

The Shoe World Of Kobi Levi

Kobi Levi Shoes Design

Kobi Levi “Ladders”

Ladies look for best fashion there is. Though they often say “they don’t have anything to wear“. Kobi Levi knows that and creates design that solves the problem, because when you start wearing Kobi Levi “babies” you won’t wear anything else. Kobi is from Israel. In 2001 he has graduated Bezalel academy of art & design in Jerusalem. Continue reading to find out more of Kobi Levi and his work. Continue reading … The Shoe World Of Kobi Levi

  • 03.08.2011
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iPad Head Girl

You don’t see a lot of four squared heads walking around. Especially when the head is digital. How can we call these people? Homo Sapiens? Homo Apple or maybe iFemales? This one is a real Apple cyborg. iPad Head Girl walks around Bryant Park in New York City. The good thing about all that is that you can communicate from different angles with her, well see at least.

Continue reading … iPad Head Girl

  • 13.06.2011
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Digi Invite

There are many very important events in your life – your birth, your birthday, your first undergraduate degree, your first child, even your death. And there is also another one – your wedding.

Wedding Invitations Save The Dates

When it comes to wedding you try to make everything original, each detail is as unique as possible. Your wedding music, meals, guests. Oh..ofcourse also your guests. And you know what? You need an invitation for them. Continue reading … Digi Invite

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