• 26.03.2012
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Google Demo Slam: Video Chat Magic

A site called Demo Slam is a Google project that allows Google users to upload their interesting projects that they have created using Google docs and tools. It is even possible to win prizes and select your favorites. This is one of the videos from the Google Demo Slam. A girl and her boyfriend synchronized their actions to create a peculiar “magic” effect. As an example, a fan at the girl’s computer followed a “hurricane” in her boyfriend’s room. Bearing in mind, that it is quite difficult to synchronize these actions, this, probably, isn’t a streaming video, nevertheless, it’s worth watching.

The Giant Coin Effect

When you take a toy car for small children you suddenly understand how big you are and how small the car is. Now take a simple 50 cent coin and imagine how big it is for an ant or a worm, maybe even for a mouse. The design studio Skrekkøgle from Norway just found out that not only small objects look small but also the big ones if you just try a little.

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