Ebru – The Art Of Drawing On The Water

Ebru is the Turkish art of paper-handling or marbling. The oldest known Ebru was founded in the 11th century. It shows that even at this time the art had reached perfection. According to scientists, it probably took many centuries to achieve the astounding quality of this art form. Ebru is the so old that to this day there are disputes on its origin. Some assume that Ebru appeared in India, and later was learnt by the Persians, who passed the knowledge over to the Ottomans – Turks. However, some say that its origin might ultimately lead back to the Chinese Tang dynasty document that mentions a process of coloring paper on water with five hues. Continue reading … Ebru – The Art Of Drawing On The Water

AT&T: Painted Hands

AT&T International Hands by Guido Daniele

AT&T: Hand Art (Japan)

Continue reading … AT&T: Painted Hands

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New Prius iPhone App Unleashes Creativity In Times Square

Using the new Prius iPhone App, users can see their drawings created on the iPhone displayed on the Reuters digital billboard in Times Square October 26 to 28. The Prius Experience App has four modes – including “Draw,” the one showcased here – to help educate and entertain iPhone™ users interested in learning more about the EPA-rated 50 MPG 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid. For more information, go to the Prius Facebook fan site.

Collaborative Animation By Blu And David Ellis

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