• 04.02.2013
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Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

A young girl, named Angela Trimbur, with a crazy, but brave idea puts it to use right in an airport in Los Angeles, California. She carried out the same performance a bit over a year ago in a Laundromat and mall. Although it seems an ordinary dance at first glance, it can make the viewer want to break out and dance to the music. A brave, positive and “sunny” performance will not leave anyone indifferent.

  • 09.11.2011
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Most Useful 5 Minutes For “Scarfing”

How much can you do in 5 minutes? Eat a sandwich, make a call, read an article or learn how to wear your scarf in 25 different ways. Wendy’s Lookbook shows us how amazingly creative your scarf can be. That’s more for large women scarfs but men also can use that knowledge. For example, the European loop is widely used by both genders. Watch and learn this great video tutorial.

Examples Of Most Amazing Package Design

Original Package DesignWhat attracts your eyes when you buy something? It’s the package of course. The way how the product appears is essential and often plays the key role in the product’s sucess story. The customer just wants to buy it not caring about what’s inside. The one you see now is a package for Rellana Wool. It’s being used for scarfs and hats production. The image of a human face makes you feel it’s not wool but somebody’s hair and beard. Continue reading for more amazing examples. Continue reading … Examples Of Most Amazing Package Design

The Shoe World Of Kobi Levi

Kobi Levi Shoes Design

Kobi Levi “Ladders”

Ladies look for best fashion there is. Though they often say “they don’t have anything to wear“. Kobi Levi knows that and creates design that solves the problem, because when you start wearing Kobi Levi “babies” you won’t wear anything else. Kobi is from Israel. In 2001 he has graduated Bezalel academy of art & design in Jerusalem. Continue reading to find out more of Kobi Levi and his work. Continue reading … The Shoe World Of Kobi Levi

  • 29.08.2011
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If You Don’t Have Anything To Wear

Women often say that there isn’t anything to wear. Everything just doesn’t fit the right needs. And it never ends. The more clothes you buy the less are to wear. So it’s complicated to solve this problem. Maybe that can’t be solved at all. But here is what designer and model Marina Zvidrina came up with. This Youtube video shows us how to use men’s clothing for ladie’s fashion. The only thing you need here is – a shirt.

Continue reading … If You Don’t Have Anything To Wear

Most Original Wristwatch Designs

Probably one of the most widespread accessories for people are wristwatches. Since their evolution in the 17th century from spring powered clocks wristwatch designs continued to fascinate. This post presents you some of the most original wristwatch designs.

For example, this watch would be a math fan watch. This one has displayed different mathematical operations, some numbers and even a question mark. No doubt, you can’t use this watch, if you didn’t go to school.

Math Wristwatch

Continue reading … Most Original Wristwatch Designs

  • 08.07.2011
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iPhone for Wedding

Apple iPhone phones are essential in our daily life. We take them absolutely everywhere and use it for different ideas. We always can put something on a higher level. Earlier we had presented some wedding ideas and now there is one more.

Today we tell about this wedding photo-shot. Isn’t that great. Here you can see the wedding thing from start till the end. Now you can put the whole wedding experience in one smart phone.

  • 28.06.2011
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If you see something like this on your street, you would probably surprised . The idea of the Robo Rainbow is about a mobile mechanical device that paints rainbows – for making the world a more beautiful place.

The device is controlled by a panel. It is fully automatic and can be attached to a bicycle. When the place is right the device colors the surface with different paint sprays. In the end you get nice painting on someones wall.

  • 03.12.2010
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Corey And Rachel’s Wedding Invitation

The video took about 5 months overall to make; 1 month to learn how to do stop motion and about 4 months to actually shoot and edit the video of over 5,500 pictures taken.

  • 18.10.2010
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The Desks Of Creative Individuals

Music and sound design for Imaginary Forces NYC for the series of brand films for Lexus.

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