Art Of Dust

After a rainy summer day or a dusty road trip you find your car dirty, it looks like a pile of mud. For you it is a reason to use a car wash, but for Scott Wade it is an opportunity to create a work of art.

Dust Art Of Scott Wade

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  • 13.10.2010
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Toyota Auris: Get Your Energy Back

An extraordinary projection mapping event, for an extraordinary car. Relive the story of a car which recycles energy as it drives – the Toyota Auris with Hybrid Synergy Drive.

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  • 07.07.2010
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Mark Webber Parliament Square F1 Pit Stop / Red Bull Racing

A Formula 1 pit stop in Parliament Square. Mark Webber, and the Red Bull Racing team, rocked up in London at 6am for a bit of pit stop practice before the British Grand Prix. The team stunned passers by with a full F1 pit stop in Parliament Square, London.

Fast Lane – Driven By Fun

Fast Lane is dedicated to everyone who loves to go beyond the regular, who is curious for new stuff and who simply enjoys to speed it all up a little.

The Slide

Long staircase. Next to it a slide. Which way would you go?

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  • 03.11.2009
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New Prius iPhone App Unleashes Creativity In Times Square

Using the new Prius iPhone App, users can see their drawings created on the iPhone displayed on the Reuters digital billboard in Times Square October 26 to 28. The Prius Experience App has four modes – including “Draw,” the one showcased here – to help educate and entertain iPhone™ users interested in learning more about the EPA-rated 50 MPG 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid. For more information, go to the Prius Facebook fan site.

  • 07.10.2009
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VW Sweden: The Theory Of Fun

Saudi Fuel: Fill It Prizes

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