Transparent Wire Portraits

A Korean sculptor, Seung Mo Park knows a special pattern of weaving weightless wire portraits. Seung Mo Park’s portraits consist of hundreds of thousands of small holes formed by the intricacies of wire in huge sheets. To obtain whole-leaf full portrait, the artist simply cuts off the extra parts of the wire creating twist layers, which results in image formation on the wire sheet surface. Continue reading … Transparent Wire Portraits

  • 12.03.2012
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  • Bickov

Creative Surrealistic Sculptures

Cactus Balloon

Nancy Fouts, an artist residing in London, created these refreshing sculptures, truly dynamic in their design. Everyday objects, animals or symbols are being rearranged to change their original character. The inspiring sculptures she has created are full of humor, creativity and are quite entertaining, dynamic, proving highly imaginative in their concept.

Continue reading … Creative Surrealistic Sculptures

  • 16.01.2012
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Fast Art

Most talents never become world famous. Many artists have died in poverty and alone. To be an artist is to be always on the edge. Some artists work in workshops, some work in other fancy places, most of them work in the streets. A spectacular street artist painter shows us his fast painting skills. He uses only fingers, paint and two pieces of glass. In less than 3 minutes a beautiful painting comes to life. Why artists work in the streets? Maybe you can earn more money, maybe the feeling of freedom or just a way of life. Anyway it is something you want to buy as a souvenir. Unfortunately we don’t know who this man is. We hope he will create many other great paintings.

  • 05.12.2011
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Creating Anything Using Paper

Paper Animals Calvin Niccols Beaver

Lawyers say that the most important things for them are paper and pen. For Calvin Niccols it is more paper than pen. Calvin is a full-time animal artist. He is in this world for 15 years from now. Calvin is recognized among museums, advertising companies, private collectors and publishers. This “paper guru” has more than 70 works in his famous Follet collection and there is much more. Continue reading … Creating Anything Using Paper

Hand-Made Lamp: Corsa 27

Check out more unusual lamps by Italian artist Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi
via Beautiful life

  • 06.10.2009
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Theo Jansen – Kinetic Sculptor

And few have The Imigination to see beyong them. BMW. Defining Innovation.

Shot in the Netherlands utilising the moving sculptures of world-renowned artist Theo Jansen, this commercial, entitled “Kinetic Sculptures” forms part of a broader campaign which serves to highlight BMW’s market leadership in the fields of technology and innovation.

Theo Jansen is the Dutch creator of what he calls “Kinetic Sculptures,” where nature and technology meet. Essentially these sculptures are robots powered by the wind only.

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