• 17.12.2012
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  • Bickov

Riding an Origami Bike

An inventor from Israel – Izhar Gafni recently has presented a functioning bicycle, which is wholly made out of recycled cardboard with production costs equal to merely 9 USD. Continue reading … Riding an Origami Bike

Zebrating Urban Street Art

Zebrating Street Art

Street artists Zebrating are an incredible duo from Mannheim, Germany. The word: “Zebrating” can be loosely translated to “making the zebra”, a phrase, which describes the duet’s artistic style. Zebrating work only on the image lattice stairs, fences, railings or other discontinued surface.

Continue reading … Zebrating Urban Street Art

  • 11.10.2012
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Joey Ramone – “New York City”

This is a brand new, original video for the late Joey Ramone’s “New York City” piece. As mentioned by many, Joey Ramone is, probably, the busiest rock star in the afterlife. Continue reading … Joey Ramone – “New York City”

  • 06.08.2012
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Gravity: A Dream Of The Future

Who would like their creations to lack gravity? The astonishing video, called “Gravity: Un Reve De Demain” makes that dream come true. Continue reading … Gravity: A Dream Of The Future

Ebru – The Art Of Drawing On The Water

Ebru is the Turkish art of paper-handling or marbling. The oldest known Ebru was founded in the 11th century. It shows that even at this time the art had reached perfection. According to scientists, it probably took many centuries to achieve the astounding quality of this art form. Ebru is the so old that to this day there are disputes on its origin. Some assume that Ebru appeared in India, and later was learnt by the Persians, who passed the knowledge over to the Ottomans – Turks. However, some say that its origin might ultimately lead back to the Chinese Tang dynasty document that mentions a process of coloring paper on water with five hues. Continue reading … Ebru – The Art Of Drawing On The Water

  • 16.07.2012
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Best Tweeshes!

BBDO Belgium. Best Tweeshes

A bright and original New Year’s creativity brought to you by VVL BBDO. Millions of Tweets are sent around the holidays, especially on New Year’s Eve. Bearing this in mind, a Belgian agency VVL BBDO decided to bring the wishes together and turn them into music. Wanting to start 2012 on a high note, the agency created a campaign to unite people all over the world. If you allegedly combine “tweets” and “wishes”, “Best Wishes!” New Year greeting becomes “Best Tweeshes!”. #Tweeshes! for short and simple. Continue reading … Best Tweeshes!

  • 28.05.2012
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Pictures Coming Alive

Dain Fagerholm Gif animation

Dain Fagerholm an illustrator from Seattle animates his pen and marker drawn pictures.  Continuing the tradition of cinema graph creation (the so-called photos that “come to life”) of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, the artist Dain Fagerholm decided to “breathe life” into his own designs, made by a simple ballpoint pen.

Using GIF animation this illustrator made the cute wonderful monsters and funny creatures move and three dimensional.

Dain Fagerholm’s stereographic drawings are almost like heroes came to life from fairy tale illustrations, ready to jump out of the book at any moment.

Continue reading … Pictures Coming Alive

Transparent Wire Portraits

A Korean sculptor, Seung Mo Park knows a special pattern of weaving weightless wire portraits. Seung Mo Park’s portraits consist of hundreds of thousands of small holes formed by the intricacies of wire in huge sheets. To obtain whole-leaf full portrait, the artist simply cuts off the extra parts of the wire creating twist layers, which results in image formation on the wire sheet surface. Continue reading … Transparent Wire Portraits

100 Years Of Style In 100 Seconds

The amusing and interesting short video was created to commemorate the grand opening of Westfield Stratford City, the largest urban shopping center in Europe. The Viral Factory produced an original and fun short, called 100 Years / Style / East London.

The clip describes a century of fashion and dancing styles in East London, from September 13, 1901, to September 13, 2011. A well-known British composer Tristin Norwell took a single music track and changed the main theme in order for it to fit the different time periods.

The movie clip is directed by Jake Lunt and shot for four days in various East London locations. The video rapidly goes through different styles from the 20s to the present day, and apart from the effective synergy of music, dance and clothes, a careful selection of props and locations brings pleasure to the eye.

  • 10.04.2012
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OK Go – Skyscrapers

One of the best music bands that pioneer innovative visual material, OK Go, has lately released a clever dancing video for a song called ‘Skyscrapers.’ In this video the band members themselves are not in the clip. Instead, there’s a high quality replacement you might say. Continue reading … OK Go – Skyscrapers

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