• 03.11.2011
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Japanese Rain Clock

Everyone have felt a rain drop or have heard the waterfall sounds. Remember the “music” of falling water coming from your shower? Next thing imagine that you could know the correct time just looking at the falling water drops. This concept is being used in Japan for Osaka city Station clock. Probably the author came up with the idea in one beautiful morning during the daily shower! Thanks to someone now residents and guests of Osaka City can enjoy the relaxing Rain Clock. It shows not only time but also images, lines, different figures. The correct time appears once a minute. Continue reading … Japanese Rain Clock

The Giant Coin Effect

When you take a toy car for small children you suddenly understand how big you are and how small the car is. Now take a simple 50 cent coin and imagine how big it is for an ant or a worm, maybe even for a mouse. The design studio Skrekkøgle from Norway just found out that not only small objects look small but also the big ones if you just try a little.

Bike-Coin-Small-Big Continue reading … The Giant Coin Effect

  • 09.05.2011
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Street Dancer In Paris

The potential of our body is enormous. There is no debate about that. Sometimes we forget about that. Thankfully this street dancer from France understands that and shows his abilities to the crowd.

His body is like an octopus, a robot or a very complex vehicle. Well there is much practice for such dancing. If you are in Paris during your visit in France, try to find this gentlemen and see which new dances he can show now.

  • 07.04.2011
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Hyundai Accent 3D Projection

A flashy advert on the wall of a building isn’t anything new but a 3D projection is. New thinking in advertisement means new possibilities. “New thinking, New possibilities.” – the new slogan for Hyundai Accent. A great example of internet viral marketing.

Plastic Flashmob

Garbage is a reality for every city in the world. Recycling too. Not all people are green and don’t recycle things. This flashmob experiments with humans sense of environmental responsibility. No better place than city mall for such a experiment for a flashmob organized by the “Testé sur des humains” team. Watch this video and be amazed.

Continue reading … Plastic Flashmob

  • 17.01.2011
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Interactive Display Window Concept

Interactive Window Concept made for the module Advanced Interface Design at Hyper Island hosted by North Kingdom. The image moves as you go along the showcase. It makes you want to stop and look. A good way how to attract customers.

  • 13.11.2010
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Speedflying In Wengen

3 Run Showreel

3RUN Showreel 2010 Free Running, Parkour, Martial Arts and Acrobatic stunt team. Produced by 3RUN Media ltd. 3RUN are a World renowned Action team providing Action sequences for Feature Films, Commercials, Live shows and Events across the Globe! With 10 years of Experience and a reputations for some of the most passionate athletes in the game.

Directed by Chase Armitage.
Edit, Chase Armitage & Cane Armitage.

  • 25.10.2010
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Flight Of The Bumblebee Played In Record Time

A violinist has broken the record for the fastest performance of the Flight of the Bumblebee. Oliver Lewis managed to play the piece in one minute and 3.356 seconds.

  • 19.10.2010
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Atomic Tom Live: Take Me Out

I saw Atomic Tom perform on the B train today… at first i thought they were going to bomb the train, but then they started playing and i was like ‘i love new york!’ liked them so much, i asked a stranger for the band name.

Brittany Tucker

Directed by Benjamin Espiritu. Produced by Atomic Tom and Benjamin Espiritu. Edited by Reid Carrescia. This video was filmed unannounced on Friday October 8, 2010 aboard the New York City B Train, over the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn and edited from 3 iPhone cameras. All footage is performed 100% live and executed in one take.

If you like the tune, it’s available here.

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