• 30.01.2012
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Pogo Pogo

Extreme pogo stick jumping video. Pogo is basically a dance in which the dancers jump up and down, while remaining in the same location. So when you add a jump stick or pogo stick you get pogo jumping. This sport is becoming more and more popular. The pogo stick was invented only 60 years ago and made a lot of improvements. There are annual contests of pogo jumping, communities like the one shown in the video and much more. Some of you might thing it is childish, but look at those tricks performed in a dangerous way. Awesome!

  • 10.11.2011
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Dreams And Beds

Jan Von Holleben Dreams

“Running from a cat”

The world of dreams is amazing. We approach a fantasy land during our dreams. Photographer Jan von Holleben knows that. And the German newspaper ZEIT knows Jan von Holleben. ZEIT asked the photographer to create visual work for a feature on dreams and what they mean to us.  Jan von Holleben is known for his Dreams of Flying so this was his case. Continue reading … Dreams And Beds

  • 02.11.2011
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Body Beat Dubstep Style

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music and is very popular among street dancers. Marquese Scott wants to show what dubstep is good for. He is from California, USA, member of the dance crew Remote Control and a former military, now viewed more than 5 000 000 times on Youtube. Good beat and good moves are the recipe for a good mood. Dancer Marquese Scott wants you to have good mood. Watch his street-dance for “Butch Clancy” Pumped Up Kicks remix by Foster The People.

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The Art Of Alexis Raimbault

Astronaut By Alexis RaimbaultAlexis Raimbault – a very talented photographer from Paris, France presents some of his work. He has a delicate style for his photos. That’s why such giants as Playstation, Bayer, Nokia, Casio and others have employed him. In 2009 the prestige Young Creative Chevrolet awarded him the 1st prize. You can follow him also on Twitter.

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Giant Fish Eat’s A Fisherman

The Nokia advertising campaigns can’t stop amusing us. Three Nokia 8s and a whole sea of sand,  as a result Sumo Science and Aardman created Guinness Record for largest stop motion animation. .The film Gulp tells a story of a fisherman  swallowed by a giant fish. It was being filmed with the Nokia N8 phone from start to finish.

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  • 12.10.2011
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Webcam House

Webcam House Ryuji Nakamura

Consumers can buy houses for dogs, Barbie dolls, parrots and now even for their webcams. The paper house is for your personal computer webcam. The small abode is set-up over a webcam built into a computer’s monitor. It’s designed in Japan by architect Ryuji Nakamura. It also has an interior design: small windows, table and chairs to make it more comfy inside. So each webcam picture becomes a piece of art. Here you see yourself becoming small and big at the same time. Continue reading … Webcam House

A Love Story On Two Screens

This amazing video is filmed entirely on the Nokia N8 mobile phone. It’s the winner of the Nokia Shorts competition 2011. It tells us a story of a young man’s and woman’s journey to find each other. A mix of two realities by Nokia N8 phone cameras.

Art Of Salt

Remember an uncomfortable situation at the dinner when you accidentally pour out some salt on the table? That is very common. Perhaps one day it also happened to Bashir Sultani who saw it as an opportunity to become an artist and to start create images out of salt.

A very delicate and patient salt art technique. Another proof that real talent has no borders, no limits. That can create something from anything, if you really like to do that.

  • 05.08.2011
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Past And Present Photo Mix

Surely everybody loves memories. That’s why we try to capture them on cameras. When you look at your family photo album you will find photos from different ages. The most interesting part is to compare the photos and look for differences.

The photo mash-up concept is a very popular one. Previously we presented you the “Pencil vs. Camera concept” by Ben Heine. Now something similar but not the same by Taylor Jones “Picture of a Picture from the Past in the Present”.

Old New Picture Memories

Continue reading … Past And Present Photo Mix

Making Future Magic: iPad Light Painting

Think of  a bread roll and then slice it or a piece of a cake. Next step is to imagine that those pieces are photos. This concept was being used by Dentsu London and BERG to create an experimental idea “Making Future Magic” using iPad advantages.

Continue reading … Making Future Magic: iPad Light Painting

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