• 03.11.2011
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Japanese Rain Clock

Everyone have felt a rain drop or have heard the waterfall sounds. Remember the “music” of falling water coming from your shower? Next thing imagine that you could know the correct time just looking at the falling water drops. This concept is being used in Japan for Osaka city Station clock. Probably the author came up with the idea in one beautiful morning during the daily shower! Thanks to someone now residents and guests of Osaka City can enjoy the relaxing Rain Clock. It shows not only time but also images, lines, different figures. The correct time appears once a minute. Continue reading … Japanese Rain Clock

Art Of Salt

Remember an uncomfortable situation at the dinner when you accidentally pour out some salt on the table? That is very common. Perhaps one day it also happened to Bashir Sultani who saw it as an opportunity to become an artist and to start create images out of salt.

A very delicate and patient salt art technique. Another proof that real talent has no borders, no limits. That can create something from anything, if you really like to do that.

  • 28.06.2011
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If you see something like this on your street, you would probably surprised . The idea of the Robo Rainbow is about a mobile mechanical device that paints rainbows – for making the world a more beautiful place.

The device is controlled by a panel. It is fully automatic and can be attached to a bicycle. When the place is right the device colors the surface with different paint sprays. In the end you get nice painting on someones wall.

Making Future Magic: iPad Light Painting

Think of  a bread roll and then slice it or a piece of a cake. Next step is to imagine that those pieces are photos. This concept was being used by Dentsu London and BERG to create an experimental idea “Making Future Magic” using iPad advantages.

Continue reading … Making Future Magic: iPad Light Painting

Non-Circular Gears and Planetary Gear

Gears are essentials parts for  almost every mechanical device.  Usually we find them being circular. This video shows you a different approach to gears. Their design is original. Still nobody knows are they more efficient than the classic circular gears. Find out yourself. No doubt – a great experimental idea.

Mainual. Notebook For Conceptual Ideas

Mainual Blog Logo

An interesting idea of sharing ideas. That’s what comes first to mind when you visit Mainual. We can find many blogs telling us about design ideas and even examples of these ideas. With Mainual it is different. Here people share the ideas they didn’t accomplished yet.

Continue reading … Mainual. Notebook For Conceptual Ideas

  • 23.01.2011
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3D No Glasses By Jonathan Post

Jonathan Post Experiment present by Francois. a new technology for 3D screens without glasses! This system works only on 120Hz monitor displays. It simulates 3D Active Shutter Glasses. This experiment was Conducted by Luis Carone and managed by Daniel Dias at Jonathan Post. To perform this they used a trick. To find out continue watching next video. Continue reading … 3D No Glasses By Jonathan Post

  • 17.01.2011
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Interactive Display Window Concept

Interactive Window Concept made for the module Advanced Interface Design at Hyper Island hosted by North Kingdom. The image moves as you go along the showcase. It makes you want to stop and look. A good way how to attract customers.

Nike Transparent

A concept for Nike Free running shoes made out of transparent silicon by Repponen. Allows to change the color just by simply changing the socks.

Nike Transparent by Repponen

Nike Transparent by Repponen

  • 30.10.2010
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Fluid Sculpture

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