• 10.10.2014
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Animator Versus Animation By Alan Becker

  • 14.01.2013
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Sebastian Errazuriz. Latin American Philosopher-Artist

Sebastián Errazuriz. Rubber Globe

A Chilean born, New York based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz creates quaint and somewhat bizarre art objects out of ordinary things. He seeks to create works that could remind people of their mortality, invite them to look again at their lives and question their daily routines. Continue reading … Sebastian Errazuriz. Latin American Philosopher-Artist

  • 12.03.2012
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Creative Surrealistic Sculptures

Cactus Balloon

Nancy Fouts, an artist residing in London, created these refreshing sculptures, truly dynamic in their design. Everyday objects, animals or symbols are being rearranged to change their original character. The inspiring sculptures she has created are full of humor, creativity and are quite entertaining, dynamic, proving highly imaginative in their concept.

Continue reading … Creative Surrealistic Sculptures

  • 07.11.2011
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Musical Pile Of Wood

Music Studio Wood Pile Piet Hein Eek

A lot of wood and in the middle of the forest. Who or what lives in there? It’s easy to find out – just knock on the door. It’s actually a building, more like an office used as a music studio. The idea of a dutch designer Piet Hein Eek combines natural and artificial human environments. It’s as big as a one room apartment, it has one door and many small windows and all the comforts. Piet has many other projects and even a shop in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. To see more continue reading. Continue reading … Musical Pile Of Wood

Examples Of Most Amazing Package Design

Original Package DesignWhat attracts your eyes when you buy something? It’s the package of course. The way how the product appears is essential and often plays the key role in the product’s sucess story. The customer just wants to buy it not caring about what’s inside. The one you see now is a package for Rellana Wool. It’s being used for scarfs and hats production. The image of a human face makes you feel it’s not wool but somebody’s hair and beard. Continue reading for more amazing examples. Continue reading … Examples Of Most Amazing Package Design

  • 19.10.2011
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Word as Image

Words have sounds. previously we presented you the concept on sound switching. Now the story continues with a very talented designer Ji Lee, former art director for Google Creative Labs. This promo-video is a presentation for his new book “Word as Image“. You can find there more than 100 illustrations words becoming image. And remember – words have sounds.

  • 12.10.2011
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Webcam House

Webcam House Ryuji Nakamura

Consumers can buy houses for dogs, Barbie dolls, parrots and now even for their webcams. The paper house is for your personal computer webcam. The small abode is set-up over a webcam built into a computer’s monitor. It’s designed in Japan by architect Ryuji Nakamura. It also has an interior design: small windows, table and chairs to make it more comfy inside. So each webcam picture becomes a piece of art. Here you see yourself becoming small and big at the same time. Continue reading … Webcam House

The Shoe World Of Kobi Levi

Kobi Levi Shoes Design

Kobi Levi “Ladders”

Ladies look for best fashion there is. Though they often say “they don’t have anything to wear“. Kobi Levi knows that and creates design that solves the problem, because when you start wearing Kobi Levi “babies” you won’t wear anything else. Kobi is from Israel. In 2001 he has graduated Bezalel academy of art & design in Jerusalem. Continue reading to find out more of Kobi Levi and his work. Continue reading … The Shoe World Of Kobi Levi

  • 01.10.2011
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Pencil Around Your Neck

Scarf Lamb Wool Children

Children are the most demanding customers when it comes to the extraordinarily of the product. If you want to attract the children try to create something full of colors, something very creative and fun. You can’t ignore the creative part. One of the sellers from Etsy understood that  and created an original scarf for children – pencil scarf using 100% lambswool. It is 120cm long and 8cm wide so it’s basically for small children (first grade or less). Continue reading … Pencil Around Your Neck

Art Of Salt

Remember an uncomfortable situation at the dinner when you accidentally pour out some salt on the table? That is very common. Perhaps one day it also happened to Bashir Sultani who saw it as an opportunity to become an artist and to start create images out of salt.

A very delicate and patient salt art technique. Another proof that real talent has no borders, no limits. That can create something from anything, if you really like to do that.

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