• 08.07.2011
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  • Bickov

iPhone for Wedding

Apple iPhone phones are essential in our daily life. We take them absolutely everywhere and use it for different ideas. We always can put something on a higher level. Earlier we had presented some wedding ideas and now there is one more.

Today we tell about this wedding photo-shot. Isn’t that great. Here you can see the wedding thing from start till the end. Now you can put the whole wedding experience in one smart phone.

  • 22.06.2011
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  • Bickov

Just Married Tent Typography

Bickov Wedding idea

There aren’t many events in your life that can create unforgettable memories. One of  them are weddings. So how about wedding ideas. Alexander Bickov, web designer from Latvia and got married once and thought that he can use a wedding idea like this.
Continue reading … Just Married Tent Typography

  • 13.06.2011
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Digi Invite

There are many very important events in your life – your birth, your birthday, your first undergraduate degree, your first child, even your death. And there is also another one – your wedding.

Wedding Invitations Save The Dates

When it comes to wedding you try to make everything original, each detail is as unique as possible. Your wedding music, meals, guests. Oh..ofcourse also your guests. And you know what? You need an invitation for them. Continue reading … Digi Invite

  • 21.04.2011
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Wedding Dance

Catherine Middleton​ and Prince William -  the most famous and most discussed couple. Remember their wedding? T-mobile saw a chance to make a spectacular ad for their company. They thought of how it could be – the wedding? Traditional? Classic or something else? T-Mobile’s Royal Wedding Dance celebrates the marriage of William and Kate with the help of a host of royal look alikes and music from East 17! Watch the video to find out what they did. Continue reading … Wedding Dance

  • 03.12.2010
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Corey And Rachel’s Wedding Invitation

The video took about 5 months overall to make; 1 month to learn how to do stop motion and about 4 months to actually shoot and edit the video of over 5,500 pictures taken.


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