Taiwanese Ring Man

This is a new viral video from Taipei, Taiwan. All perfectly timed, coordinated and balanced fantastic moves seen in Asian martial arts movies are somewhat present in a fusion in this amazing street performance. The performer’s skills, body balance and exceptional muscles must have taken a lot of training and discipline. Worth the time to appreciate the Ring Man’s marvellous skills.

  • 07.01.2013
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  • Bickov

Tron Dance

An innovative and original performance by the Japanese dance team „Wrecking Crew Orchestra” is going viral on the Internet. The troupe members are wearing dark specially-designed exoskeleton-like suits, parts of which emanate light.

The Tron-inspired dance, which they perform, with the suit-emitted light hitting the beat, brings a quite remarkable and mesmerizing show.

The new type of dance technology is ensured by the exoskeleton-like suits that emit light, which is remotely controlled.

100 Years Of Style In 100 Seconds

The amusing and interesting short video was created to commemorate the grand opening of Westfield Stratford City, the largest urban shopping center in Europe. The Viral Factory produced an original and fun short, called 100 Years / Style / East London.

The clip describes a century of fashion and dancing styles in East London, from September 13, 1901, to September 13, 2011. A well-known British composer Tristin Norwell took a single music track and changed the main theme in order for it to fit the different time periods.

The movie clip is directed by Jake Lunt and shot for four days in various East London locations. The video rapidly goes through different styles from the 20s to the present day, and apart from the effective synergy of music, dance and clothes, a careful selection of props and locations brings pleasure to the eye.

Flying People in New York City

An original video, made by an advertisement agency Thinkmodo, of three human shaped RC planes flown around New York City and New Jersey to create an illusion of people flying. This interesting viral marketing campaign was designed to promote the Twentieth Century Fox upcoming movie – Chronicle. You can see how parts of the RC aircraft actually move the legs and emulate a human moving in the air. An out of the ordinary idea, worth your attention.

  • 03.08.2011
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iPad Head Girl

You don’t see a lot of four squared heads walking around. Especially when the head is digital. How can we call these people? Homo Sapiens? Homo Apple or maybe iFemales? This one is a real Apple cyborg. iPad Head Girl walks around Bryant Park in New York City. The good thing about all that is that you can communicate from different angles with her, well see at least.

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  • 16.05.2011
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Stop Motion Fire Animation

Tea candles are useful for many ideas because of their specific design. Doesn’t a tea candle remind you of a pixel? The author of this viral idea found out that and placed tea candles in a proper order. Then with a photo camera a stop motion animation was created.

You can see motives of many popular games or pictures on that “Tea Candle Screen”. It is interesting – how many hours did it take to create this stop motion fire animation. Just remember – don’t try this at home for your own safety.

  • 07.04.2011
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Hyundai Accent 3D Projection

A flashy advert on the wall of a building isn’t anything new but a 3D projection is. New thinking in advertisement means new possibilities. “New thinking, New possibilities.” – the new slogan for Hyundai Accent. A great example of internet viral marketing.

  • 03.03.2010
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Ok Go: This Too Shall Pass

Respir Active Nasal Strips: Night Concert

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