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Stop Motion Animation That Will Now Forever Haunt Your Dreams

  • 18.06.2012
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The Joy of Books

“The Joy of Books” is a wonderful stop-motion animation in which the books in a small bookshop come alive at night. The animation is by Sean Ohlenkamp and quite a large number of volunteer book wranglers. The fantastic short motion picture is set in Toronto bookshop Type. Books come alive after a shopkeeper leaves for the night, much like the toys in Pixar films spring to life as soon as humans leave the room. Continue reading … The Joy of Books

  • 12.04.2012
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Vinyl Waveform Sculpture

This is a video that embodies a challenging and superb idea, directed by Us and produced by Liz Kessler, labelled the new music video for Benga’s track ‘I Will Never Change’. To bring the astonishing idea to life, first of all, the number of records per second against the frame rate had to be calculated. This stop motion video employs the use of 960 pieces of vinyl to create a straightforward and creative way to let the music speak for itself and create a mirrored image of the digital waveform. Each record had to be individually cut to a specific size, hand labelled, hand numbered and then finally polished.

According to the authors, this process alone took seven full working days. To animate the wave form, they have built it and then carefully removed each individual record. Once the sculpture was finally built, the animation process took about 30 hours. You might say, that the final video came out great and features some incredible animation. See for yourself.

  • 02.12.2011
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Google Imaginary Trip

What is your dream? A big house, a big family or something more different? For many traveling is the thing. Just imagine riding in a car along ocean on a sunny day with your friends, singing and joking. Still for many this dream is far beyond their possibilities. Also for a very sad office toy. But the world belongs to the reckless ones. So the sad toy decides to use Google Street View and a toy car to travel, but where to go? Somewhere sunny and beautiful – the Pacific coast. Continue reading … Google Imaginary Trip

  • 02.11.2011
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Body Beat Dubstep Style

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music and is very popular among street dancers. Marquese Scott wants to show what dubstep is good for. He is from California, USA, member of the dance crew Remote Control and a former military, now viewed more than 5 000 000 times on Youtube. Good beat and good moves are the recipe for a good mood. Dancer Marquese Scott wants you to have good mood. Watch his street-dance for “Butch Clancy” Pumped Up Kicks remix by Foster The People.

Continue reading … Body Beat Dubstep Style

Giant Fish Eat’s A Fisherman

The Nokia advertising campaigns can’t stop amusing us. Three Nokia 8s and a whole sea of sand,  as a result Sumo Science and Aardman created Guinness Record for largest stop motion animation. .The film Gulp tells a story of a fisherman  swallowed by a giant fish. It was being filmed with the Nokia N8 phone from start to finish.

Continue reading … Giant Fish Eat’s A Fisherman

  • 16.05.2011
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Stop Motion Fire Animation

Tea candles are useful for many ideas because of their specific design. Doesn’t a tea candle remind you of a pixel? The author of this viral idea found out that and placed tea candles in a proper order. Then with a photo camera a stop motion animation was created.

You can see motives of many popular games or pictures on that “Tea Candle Screen”. It is interesting – how many hours did it take to create this stop motion fire animation. Just remember – don’t try this at home for your own safety.

  • 08.10.2010
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Nokia N8 Advert Innovators

If you’ve taken a look, you’ll know that it’s based around just a few of the amazing ways you can use a Nokia N8 – showing little glimpses of the kind of innovation that’s possible with Nokia devices.

TV Commercial

The advert is based around some of the more innovative ways you can use the device – and the hamster is definitely a great (if slightly more ‘out there’) example of that.

Continue reading … Nokia N8 Advert Innovators


Animated on location at a beach, in snow, and underwater, this stop-motion short details a transoceanic conversation between two characters via objects in a bottle. If you like the film, please vote.

Gaz Métro Stop Motion Commercial

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