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Icons. From Rodin’s to Daft Punk

  • 17.12.2012
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Riding an Origami Bike

An inventor from Israel – Izhar Gafni recently has presented a functioning bicycle, which is wholly made out of recycled cardboard with production costs equal to merely 9 USD. Continue reading … Riding an Origami Bike

Zebrating Urban Street Art

Zebrating Street Art

Street artists Zebrating are an incredible duo from Mannheim, Germany. The word: “Zebrating” can be loosely translated to “making the zebra”, a phrase, which describes the duet’s artistic style. Zebrating work only on the image lattice stairs, fences, railings or other discontinued surface.

Continue reading … Zebrating Urban Street Art

  • 25.06.2012
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A Photo Bank Advertisement Showed 853 Photos Per Minute

A Brazilian photo bank “Getty Images” commercial, consists of 853 photos.

Different images from various photo shoots made up a original wordless life story of a man. In the beginning, he meets a girl; they make love and give birth to a child. They age and, unfortunately, he becomes widowed. The man moves on a journey and at the end of his life, suddenly wins in a lottery and becomes rich. The entire story is told in a minute. Meaning the pictures are shown very fast-paced. Continue reading … A Photo Bank Advertisement Showed 853 Photos Per Minute

  • 21.05.2012
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Troll High-Five Near Pisa Tower

An easy way to have fun with tourists has been found by a group of pranksters. They made a funny video of themselves making fun of unsuspecting tourists “holding up” the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

Tourists that came to see The Leaning Tower of Pisa have traveled for miles, spent money and, most probably, cannot and will not return home without a picture. Every tourist at the amazing landmark wants to take that picture and a couple of naughty pranksters make the most of it by trolling and high-fiving unsuspecting “victims”.

Even Books Can Be More Than Books

Book Art Isaac G Salazar Read“Read”

We all have hobbies. We do them after our daily work or studies as a thing we do for joy not for just paying the bills. Some have hobbies we couldn’t even imagine of. Isaac G. Salazar is an accountant so he does the “paper work”. One day he came up with an idea of folding the book pages to create messages. Using only old books Isaac contributes to recycling and repurposing so for him it’s a good feeling to know that it  reduces waste. Isaac has made many book art works. Continue reading for more about Isaac and his marvels. Continue reading … Even Books Can Be More Than Books

Giant Fish Eat’s A Fisherman

The Nokia advertising campaigns can’t stop amusing us. Three Nokia 8s and a whole sea of sand,  as a result Sumo Science and Aardman created Guinness Record for largest stop motion animation. .The film Gulp tells a story of a fisherman  swallowed by a giant fish. It was being filmed with the Nokia N8 phone from start to finish.

Continue reading … Giant Fish Eat’s A Fisherman

The Giant Coin Effect

When you take a toy car for small children you suddenly understand how big you are and how small the car is. Now take a simple 50 cent coin and imagine how big it is for an ant or a worm, maybe even for a mouse. The design studio Skrekkøgle from Norway just found out that not only small objects look small but also the big ones if you just try a little.

Bike-Coin-Small-Big Continue reading … The Giant Coin Effect

  • 28.06.2011
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If you see something like this on your street, you would probably surprised . The idea of the Robo Rainbow is about a mobile mechanical device that paints rainbows – for making the world a more beautiful place.

The device is controlled by a panel. It is fully automatic and can be attached to a bicycle. When the place is right the device colors the surface with different paint sprays. In the end you get nice painting on someones wall.

Making Future Magic: iPad Light Painting

Think of  a bread roll and then slice it or a piece of a cake. Next step is to imagine that those pieces are photos. This concept was being used by Dentsu London and BERG to create an experimental idea “Making Future Magic” using iPad advantages.

Continue reading … Making Future Magic: iPad Light Painting

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