• 11.03.2013
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  • Bickov

How Computers “See” The World?

Probably many people have questioned themselves on how cameras, radars, motion, heat and even mimic detectors etc. “see” the world and gather information from objects and the environment we live in.

Information technology science developed computer vision that enabled system to interpret images, detect, monitor and record video. Undoubtedly, it is a technology of advanced complexity.

Timo Arnall, a creative director at a company called BERG has compiled a short film on machine-vision by stitching video materials from different existing robotic vision systems together.

You may think that you have seen similar footage in different action movies, but this particular video explores the monitoring and information gathering operation aspects of machine-vision a little deeper. Most of the surveillance systems shown are being used for traffic and face recognition.

The author stressed that it is a way of “exploring the aesthetics of the robot eye,” and it was inspired by Matt Jones’s essay “The Robot-Readable World”. In any case, this video it’s a nice and creative footage on how computer vision systems see the environment.