• 14.02.2013
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  • Bickov

Harlem Shake Blows Up The Internet

The web literally self-combusted from the new dancing madness, called Harlem Shake. People rapidly make videos, where they spontaneously and chaotically move to the hip-hop beat. The dance starts with one person dancing “Harlem Shake” with everyone else in the shot catching up. The original video of Harlem Shake song “officially” appeared on YouTube in the middle of 2012, where teenagers in aliens’ costumes “freak-dance” to the music. Since the beginning of 2013, the original has acquired dozens of followers. Harlem Shake is danced in hangars, schools, stadiums, in the street, at home – literally everywhere. There even is a military version of the dance.

This is how this goes. There seem to be nothing unusual at first – Harlem Shake music plays with a Norwegian military platoon on screen. Probably dubbed over, you think. But one of the soldiers begins to dance and suddenly the picture is replaced by some party madness, which lasts a little less than a minute!

This should not be confused with Harlem Shake – a hip-hop dance, which originated from Harlem, NY. Probably that is where the name came from. Nonetheless, it is quite difficult to understand how this “performance” so quickly reached YouTube-madness status.