• 25.02.2013
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  • Bickov

A Journey Through Seasons: Minute By Minute, Season By Season

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation has created an outstanding documentary called “A Journey Through Seasons”, recording Norway’s northernmost railway – “Nordlandsbanen”, which is 729 km (453 miles) long. The Nordland Railway links cities of Trondheim and Bodø.

The railway starts in Trondheim, passes through spectacular landscapes: forests, fjords, mountains, valleys before crossing the Arctic Circle at Saltfjellet and descending down to the coastal city of Bodø.

The producers wanted to film the journey once every season (4 times!) in order to show different weather conditions and how nature changes from summer to autumn, and winter to spring.

There are different variations of the footage from all four seasons available under a “Creative Commons license”. Furthermore, there is a version for the web where users can mix their own versions of the initial video. It is a truly unique ten hour ride showing nature at all of its beauty.