• 14.01.2013
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Sebastian Errazuriz. Latin American Philosopher-Artist

Sebastián Errazuriz. Rubber Globe

A Chilean born, New York based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz creates quaint and somewhat bizarre art objects out of ordinary things. He seeks to create works that could remind people of their mortality, invite them to look again at their lives and question their daily routines.

Sebastian is obsessed with the dichotomies of life and death in his sculptures, ambient installations, public art works, consumer objects, furniture and even fashion. Perhaps, it is the pinch of grim humor, exquisite taste and vanguard art essence that is present in his works, and makes it so inviting! His portrait on multiple magazine covers and hundred of articles showcasing his work, illustrate the interest of the critics and media which follow closely every one of his new projects.

Sebastián Errazuriz. Lego Helmet

Sebastián Errazuriz. Boat Coffin

Sebastián Errazuriz. Zipper Dress

Sebastián Errazuriz. Saint Chair

Sebastián Errazuriz. Hanging tie

Sebastián Errazuriz. Hand Jeans

Sebastián Errazuriz. Golf Umbrella

Sebastián Errazuriz. Globe Dress

Sebastián Errazuriz. Converse Pants