• 06.08.2012
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  • Bickov

Gravity: A Dream Of The Future

Who would like their creations to lack gravity? The astonishing video, called “Gravity: Un Reve De Demain” makes that dream come true.

In the video a woman (played by Natalia Dufraisse) wakes up on an empty beach in a dream of tomorrow. She finds that she has become completely weightless and flies in nature, only to be inevitably taken over into a world of gravity, like everyone else. She dreams of wonders, magic and absolute freedom, but unfortunately, a fantasy must end in order for everything to return to normal.

As per the authors, the surreal storyline project started spontaneously in February in Burkina Faso and two shots from there even survived over the montage process. The authors continued to shoot additional scenes at the North Sea coast without still knowing the outcome of the entire story at the end. Then in Hamburg, Germany they shot most of the scenes and finished it in Brussels, Belgium in July. To round up, it was about 7 days of shooting. The music composition is called “Tasty City” and is contributed by Rone.