• 18.06.2012
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The Joy of Books

“The Joy of Books” is a wonderful stop-motion animation in which the books in a small bookshop come alive at night. The animation is by Sean Ohlenkamp and quite a large number of volunteer book wranglers. The fantastic short motion picture is set in Toronto bookshop Type. Books come alive after a shopkeeper leaves for the night, much like the toys in Pixar films spring to life as soon as humans leave the room.

Books are wonderful, great things. This video makes people realize just how much I love the hard copy: the crack of a spine, the smell of the paper and the turn of the page. Tablets and software cannot do those things.

Books are not dead; they simply prefer to dance at night.

The author wasn’t specific about how long it took for him and his 27 volunteers to create this masterpiece, but he did thank “all the volunteer hands who shelved and re-shelved books all night, every night.” He also thanked Composer Grayson Matthews for the beautiful custom music you hear during the video.

The author said that the motivation behind the video was just doing something fun, interesting, and positive, and doing something that’s both creative for his own sake and for a cause that he stands behind: reading and literacy.

Watching this video makes people think about the importance of old-fashioned books, still playing a role even in the 21st century high-tech environment, where digital content reigns supreme. Even though most people enjoy reading books using software on tablets, some still enjoy the beautiful feeling of reading a real paper book, the smell of fresh newsprint or musty book dust, and the ability to see how much of the book they have read at a glance.