• 25.06.2012
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  • Bickov

A Photo Bank Advertisement Showed 853 Photos Per Minute

A Brazilian photo bank “Getty Images” commercial, consists of 853 photos.

Different images from various photo shoots made up a original wordless life story of a man. In the beginning, he meets a girl; they make love and give birth to a child. They age and, unfortunately, he becomes widowed. The man moves on a journey and at the end of his life, suddenly wins in a lottery and becomes rich. The entire story is told in a minute. Meaning the pictures are shown very fast-paced.

The promotional video lasts 1 minute and the viewer sees 15 pictures per second. The number of images shown is depicted on a video counter. The photos were selected from thousands of images viewed by ad creators. The making of the video lasted six months, according to the official description of the clip on YouTube.

The idea of ​​this advertisement is that with the help of “Getty Images” photo bank, anyone can illustrate any kind of story. The ad slogan sounds: “From love to bingo in 873 pictures.”

The idea and implementation of this video clip belongs to the Brazilian agency AlmapBBDO, and it is not its first marketing campaign for “Getty Images”. In 2010 AlmapBBDO received the Bronze “Cannes Lion” for outdoor advertising of “Getty Images” photo bank. Several thousand images have been used for each poster of “Getty Images” outdoor ads.