• 10.04.2012
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  • Bickov

OK Go – Skyscrapers

One of the best music bands that pioneer innovative visual material, OK Go, has lately released a clever dancing video for a song called ‘Skyscrapers.’ In this video the band members themselves are not in the clip. Instead, there’s a high quality replacement you might say. Dancer Moti Buchboot and director Trish Sie dance tango for four minutes. In the beginning, they wear black clothes as they appear in front of a black building and start to dance. When the dancers move out of the camera view the video changes to a new shot of the couple wearing red and dancing in front of a red building. The colour and wardrobe changes continue throughout the video.

‘Skyscrapers’ video appears to be much simpler than some of OK Go’s previous videos, since there are no treadmill dance routines or meticulously choreographed rally car driving courses. The dance itself is undoubtedly very complex, with the dancers moving from darkness to the light; in and out of the shooting frames to make it appear like one continuous shot. Counting the clothes being changed, the wardrobe consists of 16 outfits, all pleasing to the eyes. Overall, the video is very creative, while the body movement technique with background and clothing changes is an artistic piece that amazes at every level.