• 03.11.2011
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Japanese Rain Clock

Everyone have felt a rain drop or have heard the waterfall sounds. Remember the “music” of falling water coming from your shower? Next thing imagine that you could know the correct time just looking at the falling water drops. This concept is being used in Japan for Osaka city Station clock. Probably the author came up with the idea in one beautiful morning during the daily shower! Thanks to someone now residents and guests of Osaka City can enjoy the relaxing Rain Clock. It shows not only time but also images, lines, different figures. The correct time appears once a minute. Continue reading … Japanese Rain Clock

Most Original Wristwatch Designs

Probably one of the most widespread accessories for people are wristwatches. Since their evolution in the 17th century from spring powered clocks wristwatch designs continued to fascinate. This post presents you some of the most original wristwatch designs.

For example, this watch would be a math fan watch. This one has displayed different mathematical operations, some numbers and even a question mark. No doubt, you can’t use this watch, if you didn’t go to school.

Math Wristwatch

Continue reading … Most Original Wristwatch Designs

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