• 19.12.2011
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Amazing Nano Art Of Incredible Beauty By Nicolay Aldunin

Nicolay Aldunin Miniature Needle Bicycle

One word – amazing. This is not Photoshop or any other manipulation made by any program. This is real hand-made metal bicycle. It’s placed on a needle to show how small it is. The work is made by world famous metal artist from Tula, Russia. His most famous work is the shoed flee (you can see it by continuing reading this post). Everything started when he bought a microscope and started to work at his shoed flee project. Nicolay prepared himself for two years and then began. It took 3 months. That was the moment of truth for him – he wants to do that for living. previously he worked many years as fitter for couple companies but there was no hesitation in leaving the job of a fitter. He got a nickname “левша” or left-handed. The sad thing is that Nicolay is no longer among us. He died two years ago leaving an amazing collection of his works.We hope to honor him with this post.

Nicolay Aldunin Miniature Forged Flea

Shoed flea

Nicolay Aldunin Miniature Match KalashnikovKalashnikov

Nicolay Aldunin Miniature Needle CamelsCamels

Nicolay Aldunin Miniature Rice Portait PushkinPushkin’s portrait on a rice grain

Nicolay AlduninNicolay Aldunin (R. I. P.)

Source: Adme.ru and Nicolay Aldunin blog