Even Books Can Be More Than Books

Book Art Isaac G Salazar Read“Read”

We all have hobbies. We do them after our daily work or studies as a thing we do for joy not for just paying the bills. Some have hobbies we couldn’t even imagine of. Isaac G. Salazar is an accountant so he does the “paper work”. One day he came up with an idea of folding the book pages to create messages. Using only old books Isaac contributes to recycling and repurposing so for him it’s a good feeling to know that it  reduces waste. Isaac has made many book art works. Continue reading for more about Isaac and his marvels.

Book Art Isaac G Salazar University

“M. University”

This self-taught book-origami began in october 2009. Since then Isaac made many works of art. This craft takes immense patience as well as time. It takes 3 days for the simple styles to 2 weeks work for more complicated. Some projects require small cuts and some books may be sprayed to protect the color from fading.

Book Art Isaac G Salazar Love“Love”

Book Art Isaac G Salazar Ribbon“Ribbon”

Book Art Isaac G Salazar Love“More of Love”

Book Art Isaac G Salazar Dream“Dream”

Book Art Isaac G Salazar Paw“Paw”

Isaac is from El Paso, Texas, USA. Now he lives in Artesia, New Mexico. His latest ambition is to re-create brand logos he likes. Isaac’s inspiration comes from multiple things and places. For example, Isaac created the recycle symbol on a book titled “A World with out Trees”. Despite the artistic genius inside Isaac he spokes of himself very modest:

“I am someone who has never taken an art class in my life but have stumbled upon making Book Art. I didn’t think I had an artistic bone in my body and never thought of myself as creative.”