Giant Fish Eat’s A Fisherman

The Nokia advertising campaigns can’t stop amusing us. Three Nokia 8s and a whole sea of sand,  as a result Sumo Science and Aardman created Guinness Record for largest stop motion animation. .The film Gulp tells a story of a fisherman  swallowed by a giant fish. It was being filmed with the Nokia N8 phone from start to finish.

The story plot is that a fisherman woke up and went on his daily fishing. He get’s some fish and then a bigger fish skeleton. Next thing he is in the belly of a giant monster fish and founds many sea creatures and that his boat is actually on a mine, The mine accidentally explodes and the fisherman and his boat safely returns. Continue reading to know more.

The three Nokia phones are attached to a platform 40 meter high. To create a feeling of a movement many photos are taken and then put together in one slow motion animation. It’s interesting that the fisherman is a real human dressed up in a fisherman’s suit and then used in making the motion picture. To learn more watch the video of about how it was made.