• 05.08.2011
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  • Bickov

Past And Present Photo Mix

Surely everybody loves memories. That’s why we try to capture them on cameras. When you look at your family photo album you will find photos from different ages. The most interesting part is to compare the photos and look for differences.

The photo mash-up concept is a very popular one. Previously we presented you the “Pencil vs. Camera concept” by Ben Heine. Now something similar but not the same by Taylor Jones “Picture of a Picture from the Past in the Present”.

Old New Picture Memories

Not only people have memories but also places where these people have lived. A beautiful countryside or a town where you lived your childhood with loving parents or friends.

Old New Small Boy

Old New Two Playing

Old New Pictures Football Game

A good example of how old can add value to new. This is quite easy to do if you have a camera and some old photos. So have a good time.