Most Original Wristwatch Designs

Probably one of the most widespread accessories for people are wristwatches. Since their evolution in the 17th century from spring powered clocks wristwatch designs continued to fascinate. This post presents you some of the most original wristwatch designs.

For example, this watch would be a math fan watch. This one has displayed different mathematical operations, some numbers and even a question mark. No doubt, you can’t use this watch, if you didn’t go to school.

Math Wristwatch

Bird houses are in parks, in your garden or on your hand. A small bird house clock for nature lovers with juicy colors.

Bird House Wristwatch

Or maybe let’s jump into the future and look for some futuristic designs. Look at the image of the wristwatch “Zero” carefully, there are two circular bold lines. The thicker is for hours and thinner one is for minutes. The clock isn’t accurate and could be hardly used for military or business. More for fashion.

Futuristic Fashion Wristwatch

Sandwatches are as old as the human kind itself. The wristwatch “Ozo” does it simple. There are two clocks. One is for hours, the other one is for minutes. There are no seconds on this clock. Actually many new watch designs don’t have seconds at all. Just look at the sandwatch and you will see the time.

Sandwatch Wristwatch

Don’t know how to call that watch. Maybe “ShakeWatch”. Very original idea. At first look you will see nothing but chaos. Then after shaking it for a while you find something what is a typical wristwatch.

Shake Wristwatch

Many women wear bracelets. Why not to combine a bracelet and a watch. You get “Orb” from Swatch. An elegant electronic wristwatch with nothing unnecessary.

Futuristic Wristwatch

We live in the age of Apple iPhones and other iThings…Scott Wilson the founder of Chicago-based studio MINIMAL presents TikTok and LunaTik products for Apple iPod Nano.TikTok and LunaTik transform the iPod Nano into a multi-touch wristwatch. It’s not the watch itself but only a “pocket” for it.

These products have simple snap-in design. It allows the user to easily and securely snap the iPod Nano into the wrist dock. It integrates the Nano and transforms it into a multifunction timepiece.

iPod Nano Wristwatch

If you try, you can find a wristwatch for each taste. The further you search the weirder it gets. Hope you liked these designs. And now let’s run to a watch shop and buy one.