Making Future Magic: iPad Light Painting

Think of  a bread roll and then slice it or a piece of a cake. Next step is to imagine that those pieces are photos. This concept was being used by Dentsu London and BERG to create an experimental idea “Making Future Magic” using iPad advantages.

Jack Shulze from BERG explains us about exploring media, screens and lights in this project. They developed a special technique using an iPad to light paint photos and then to form stop frame animations, which then were developed in software 3D animations. For the frames and inside the 3D animations they performed a virtual CAT-scan of the  model to generate an outline to the form of  the model  across the shape.

Next step was to replay the scan animation on the surface of the iPad, so the iPad was dragged through space, and on the long exposure on a single photograph they extruded the single animation frame as light in the air. They built the largest dot frame film yet known.

Ipad’s possibilities are continuing to grow. Probably even Apple corporation didn’t know about that one coming. The iPad looks like a useful thing for barely everything.