• 04.03.2011
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  • Bickov

Frequency. Listen To Our Side Of The Story

What is sound and why we now what things sound like? A falling fork, a kitty, streaming water, keyboards, eating – everything has a specific sound. We know how it sounds because of the source. It comes from our life experience. Now for a while imagine if we switch the sounds of the sources – we get a brand new experience of sounds. So now the kitty will sound like a falling fork, keyboards will sound like piano and cars – like goats. The switch of sounds -  a great way how to hear things in a new way.

This ad was made for sound design studio “Frequency” by Fortune Promoseven or FP7 from Efypt. The slogan “Listen to our side of the story” tells that even sounds are not always the same, if we just look at them from another angle. The video directed by Hisham Kharma and Montasser Khalil presents the concept of sound switching. The sounds were recorded in the clients studio. A great work by Fortune Promoseven – part of MCN the largest group of advertising, marketing and media agencies in the Middle East.